Friday, June 18, 2010

Sepia Saturday #28
Its Summertime!
Head to the Beach House!

My great grandparents owned a "Summer Cottage" at Sagamore Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts that they called "Two-Ways" as it had a fabulous view of the bay on one side, and lovely gardens on the other.  Each year they would pack up and leave their city home in Worcester for fun in the sun!  This family home was sold in the 1950's.

The photo below shows what might be a Sunday afternoon gathering, after a round of golf by the men -note that the attire doesn't quite seem beach appropriate- and they were entertaining a special guest. The approximate date is unknown, but through family birthdates I would guess this to be early 1930's.

They all seem very proper, although I notice that my great grandfather (on the far left), is glancing at Albert's shoes and smiling...

This one shows them all having a great laugh as Albert shows off his stylish shoes... high heels, seriously?

And then they all relax, after having a good chuckle... R.: Harry Leander Hastings, Martha Watrous Hastings, Bertha May Hastings, Margaret Isabelle Watrous Hastings, and family friend, Albert Hyde.
©2010 All photographs from the family archives, property of Janice Stiles-Boults.


  1. I wonder if Albert was trying on one of the woman's pairs of shoes, but it looks like they all have theirs! He looks like a character! Great photos!

  2. What a fabulous place to spend the summer at. The group all look very comfortable with one another, and who wouldn't be smiling with Albert around?

  3. I love Albert's footwear and that he wore it with such panache! Two Ways is a wonderful name for a house. I have noticed that in those days people often dressed-up for their beach outings and picnics. I think that's lovely, actually.

  4. What a fantastic place, it looks like a resort hotel! But the high heels,are the hit! When I saw the first photo, I thought you must be kidding and must have doctored the photo but then as I continued I see he was having a good time at it! Made me laugh!

  5. I usually think of cottages as small affairs, unlike this huge and beautiful home. In the last photo it almost looks like Harry, with his shoes on the arm of the chair, is chuckling to himself, "I think I'll keep mine." Great photos!

  6. That's a beautiful beach "cottage". And wouldn't it be great to spend time there with those fun people.

  7. Those are some fun photos. I also checked to see if all the lady's had their shoes, but they do indeed. Cape Cod is so lovely in the summer!

  8. Almost every family in Finland have a summer cottage, but not quite like this one in your photo :)
    But we understand very well it`s meaning for families.
    This is such a wonderful post to see, thank you!

  9. My name is Richard Ramsey a descendent of Harry L Hastings as my great, great, grandfather. My mother Elizabeth L Rairden daughter of Elizabeth L Hastings spent many summers at Twoways.

    1. Hi, you are Betsy's son? I have read the emails between you and my sister Diana... Harry Hastings was my great grandfather... his daughter Frances was my grandmother and Elizabeth Hasting's sister. (we referred to her as Aunt Betty, and her daughter (your mother) as Cousin Betsy). Harry was your great grandfather too (only 1 great). Nice to connect, were you searching "Hastings" and found my blog? I have loads of pictures - after my Gramma Cook died, and then my mother, Martha Cook Stiles, I archived TONS of stuff from both of them, and tried to preserve all the old photos. It will be interesting to see if you have different ones!!! I never met "Aunt Betty" (your grandmother), but I did see your mother, our Cousin Betsy many times at my parent's home in Southfield. She would come up with her husband Lenny... here is my email