Monday, March 29, 2010

Postscript for Sepia Saturday Week 17

This last photo of the Palmer J. Cook Family together was taken in May, 1970; on August 9th, PJ Cook passed away.  Twenty-four years later, the other three members of this family all died within a ten month period!  "Things happen in threes"  Big time in my family!
Photographs from top:
Martha Cook and Palmer Cook Jr. growing up in Southfield, MA, c:1930's.
Inside the sunroom of the Palmer James Cook house, c:1930's, Palmer J. Cook, Jr. on the couch, note the dog "Dizzy Dean" in the window.
Brother and Sister - remained close forever, c:1930's.
Cadet, Palmer J. Cook, Jr. graduates from the Admiral Farragut Naval Academy, Tom's River, NJ, c:1942.  He serves in the navy during WWII; after the war graduates from the University of Miami, c:1952.
Martha graduates from the Larson Junior College, Hampden, Connecticut, c:1941, where she studied nursing, and during WWII worked at the Yale New Haven Hospital and the Shriner's Children's Hospital in Springfield, MA.
Wedding of Martha and Henry "Bud" Stiles at the family home, June 12, 1943.
Family picture, c:1948, Martha Cook-Stiles visits Southfield with her husband, "Bud" Stiles, and their two children, Karen Marie and Diana Lee-the first two of five children they would have, me being the fifth!
Family Reunion, East Canaan, Connecticut, May, 1970, at the home of Diana Lee Stiles-Paruta.  The last family photograph of the original Palmer James Cook Family.
Palmer James Cook [6/1/1900-8/9/1970]
Frances Watrous Hastings Cook [9/21/1899-5/25/1994]
Martha Louise Cook Stiles [8/28/1923-12/31/1994]
Palmer J. Cook, Jr. [10/14/1926-4/6/1995]

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Palmer J. Cook Family

In this circa 1930's photograph are:
Palmer James Cook, father
Frances Watrous Hastings Cook, mother
Martha Louise Cook, daughter
Palmer James Cook, Jr., son
Taken at the family home of Palmer J. Cook
Just down the street from his father, Howard A. Cook's house,
Southfield, Massachusetts

I just love the details in this photograph - the Indian print rug, the lusterware pitchers on the mantle, the clock, not to mention the dog and cat included in the family portrait! These are my grandparents, and my beautiful mother, and my uncle. I live surrounded by most of their possessions, some being in this picture. I miss them all deeply.