Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sepia Saturday #20 - "Steeplejack"

This is the Congregational Church in the village of Southfield, Town of New Marlborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, taken on July 31, 1926.

Last summer our church was being painted, and a big cherry-picker type machine sat in front of the church for several weeks so the painters could go up on a lift to paint the steeple.  I teased them, asking why they were not doing it 'the old fashioned way', because it would be less costly... I said with a wink, and then produced these photos for the church archives.

My great grandfather, Howard Augustus Cook (1870-1938) took these photographs when the Steeplejack came to town! 

Hope you can enlarge them to view the man at the very top.  The current painters told me there is still a large hook at the top that the Steeplejack used to attach the rope around his waist on the steeple while he painted.

Photographs property of Janice Stiles-Boults


  1. The Steeplejack certainly had a lot more courage than I have. I'd expect a good fat lot of money if that was what was expected of me.

    A fun post and some great photos.

  2. Sepia Saturday does buildings again. And just as fascinating as last week. One has to have great admiration for photographers who captured such prosaic events knowing that they would hold a great fascination for generations to come.

  3. Wow, great photos, especially enlarged. Now there's a man who did not fear heights!

  4. So that's what a steeplejack is ! I did enlarge it and it's scary just to look at the photo.